EJ Stevens


19 thoughts on “EJ Stevens”

  1. Hey Ethan
    I hope you are handling the heat well!
    Praying it gets better!!
    So excited for you to be on this trip with Such an amazing group! I am sure without a doubt you will be such a blessing to all you come in contact with!
    Luv ya💙
    Aunt Jaimy


    1. I really enjoy being on the heat and helping the people who need our help.If i could stay longer i so would. Thank you so much for your message!!


  2. It is likely Thursday before you will see this. I am sure you already have a suitcase full of little friends from Guatemala you want to bring back with you. I hope you are loving everything about your trip. Praying for you and the team.
    I am sure you are shining your light from Jesus to everyone you meet. Hugs to you sweet one!


  3. Hi Ethan! I keep thinking of you all day! Hope you are having a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord! You are making a difference!!! Love you so much!


      1. Hope you are doing good work for the kingdom! Isn’t Guatelmala so sweet??? Love you and miss you so much….proud of you! Love, Mom


  4. Hi Ethan! I hope you are doing well! I know you are bringing a smile and a hug to everyone you are coming into contact with. I pray you will feel God’s presence and that you will see Him moving in your life and the team this week.
    Love you,
    Aunt Sharla


  5. hey ethan! hope things are going well for you and you are enjoying the beautiful country you are serving in now. cant wait to hear all about it when you get back:)


  6. Hi Ethan!
    We are praying for you and hoping you have such an amazing experience in Guatemala. God is using you and your special heart. Love you!
    Uncle Ryan and Aunt Steph


  7. Hey E! We miss you man!! I’m thinking about you so much & wish I could be there with you guys, but I know you’ll have a blast & make such a difference there. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!! stay safe & don’t get sick!!!
    – Anna


  8. Ethan, I sure am missing bringing you to work in the morning but I am sure that you are not missing work at all! I hope that you are having a great time and helping a lot of people in Guatemala. I hope that you also learn a lot about Jesus love for you this week. Just so you know, Precious had 3 kittens yesterday. Haven was really excited about that. I am praying for you. See you soon!



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