Jenna Marsman


24 thoughts on “Jenna Marsman”

  1. Praying you girls are enjoying sun and serving together this week! What an amazing experience to have as friends! Give Kyra a hug from me 😉 -Mrs K


  2. Hey Jenna
    So excited for you to be on such an amazing mission trip and with your dad and friends who you have done life with for so long(so cool)😊
    Praying for you all continuously
    Luv ya❤️


  3. Jenna! Hey beautiful girl, praying your time so far has been absolutely amazing and that you and Kenna rocked building that house. I’m sure the two dads just slowed you guys down! Hopefully you girls are all keeping those dads in line and making sure they behave. On a serious note, I do pray that God reveals Himself to you in mighty ways this trip and that you all are able to shine His love onto the people of Guatemala!
    Love ya girl!


  4. Hey Jenna,
    Praying for you and your team daily. So excited for you and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. I have no doubt you have fallen in love with some pretty special kids, they will steal your hearts for sure. Keep showing them the love of Jesus and loving on them all that you can. I pray that you soak it all in and continue to seek God each day as to what he wants to show you. He will reveal Himself to you in not only the big things, but in so many little things as well. Love you so much, praying for you always. Keep being the light! 🙂


  5. Hey Jenna Mae! Wow, it’s hard to believe after all these years of you and Brielle dreaming for this mission trip that you are actually there! I can just imagine how all the beautiful little kids are hanging all over you and loving you so much. I can’t wait to hear all your stories and how you are seeing God work in and through you! Lots of love and prayers sent your way.

    Love ya,
    Aunt Sharla


  6. Jenna–

    I hope god is blessing you so far, im so proud that you aren’t afraid that you love Jesus! It’s been different not announcing your basketball games this past week, we beat Sparta on Tuesday and lost today in a heart breaker to West Cath. I’m so proud of you and im glad to be your friend! I can’t wait to hear your stories! I’m praying for you and keep being like Jesus in all you do!


  7. Hey jenna!

    Constantly praying for you on this trip! You’re doing great things girl, it’s truly amazing what God can help you to do. Have a blessed trip, we’ll be waiting for stories when you get back!

    Love Tae


  8. Jenna!! What an amazing movement that you get to be apart! God has placed your heart there for a reason and one main reason is to be a witness! Praying that God keeps you all safe as you continue to plant his seeds! Looking forward to hearing about this mission!


  9. I am sure you already have a suitcase full of little friends from Guatemala you want to bring back with you. I hope you are loving everything about your trip. Praying for you and the team. Keep your eyes and heart wide open for God sightings. So proud of you for going on this trip of a life time. God will do an amazing work in your heart this week.
    I am sure you are shining your light from Jesus to everyone you meet. Hugs to you sweet one!


  10. Hey sweetheart!! Love you, miss you, and can not wait till you get home to hear all about this trip!! I know you are loving it! Talk dad into bringing a few adorable Guatemalan babies home! 🙂
    Love ya, babe!!


  11. It would be GREAT if your suitcase full of little Guatemalan`s could be invisible through custom`s. We are so proud of you that you are willing to be used by JESUS, you will be so blessed. Praying that they will accept CHRIST into there heart through your teams prayers. Can`t wait to here all your story`s. ALL our love.


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