Jesse Bowles-Garcia


13 thoughts on “Jesse Bowles-Garcia”

  1. “Hehehehe, dad, DA DAAAAD!” – JB
    “I love you and miss you, goodnight Daddy” – ShoBoat
    “I LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU DAAAAADDY, muah muah muah!!!!! – Jaz

    So thankful that you made it to Guatemala safely, and will be praying fervently for all of you, as well as Paradise Bound, Hudsonville Family Dental and especially those whose lives you will touch. With the Lord as your guide, I pray you take in each moment and live it with a J.O.Y. filled spirit and that you’ll give those around you my love as well. I love you so much & I’m so proud of you, Jesse Thomas – more than the whole consenity, all the way to the heavens and beyond.


  2. Well, today you’re halfway through your trip. Praying that you’ve been enjoying it so far, and that the Lord has been stirring within you as you go through each day of servanthood and creating lasting memories to share with us. We love and miss you, but we’re doing ok. We’ll be eagerly waiting for you at the airport on Monday. Love you so much 😘


  3. Just arrived at the mission base and am finally able to read these. I don’t even have the words or time to express the emotions that are flowing through my everything… the only words that come to mind are I LOVE YOU! I miss you all So much and am overwhelmingly excited to be reunited soon! Lots of pictures and stories to share when we return!




    1. SO thankful to hear from you!!! My eyes are doing that thing when my heart floods them lol. You are so loved babe, keep doing the Lords work in amazing ways. So proud of you. Muah!!!! 4mttwcatwtthab ❤️


  4. Hey Jesse – So happy God led you on this trip of a life time together with this amazing team. I am sure you are having a wonderful time. What a great group of people on this trip. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and God sightings and all of the stories of people giving their lives to Christ. Hope all of you are bonding like never before. Praying for all of you. Give sweet miss Britt a high five from me. Thanks 🙂 Hugs to you all!


  5. “I love you, I’m makin you a pitcher (picture). Come home soon okay? The people you’re helpin’ are so nice and they love you too daddy, you’re buildin’ them houses and giving them bandaids for their ouchies and then you kiss it okay daddy?! They feel aaaaaaaaall better!!! Love you SOOoOoOoOoOooo much daddy”

    -“Frankie Jean Azlyn Garcia Bowles Garcia 14 September”


  6. In case you get to check these one last time, we’ll see you in about 24 hours honey!!!! Love you SO much, praying for peace and strength in your parting from those you’ve worked with, and those you’ve impacted through Gods love this week, and for safe travels home. 3


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