Kyra Kaboos


25 thoughts on “Kyra Kaboos”

  1. Girl, I sure hope your 15th Birthday was one that you will never forget! Praying you girls are having a great time and are seeing God move in mighty ways! Give my Kenna a great big hug for me! Love you girls!!!


  2. Kyra, You are very missed at home but we know you are having an amazing time with your friends doing things that will change the lives of others! So excited to hear all your stories!! Sleep well and wear your sunscreen! Love you lots!-Mom and Dad


  3. Hey lady I hear you are doing good Ross said you and Peyton worked so hard today and he was proud of you both!!! Keep up the good work and let God use you in ways you had never thought of!!!
    Not very often you get to share a trip like this at your age with some of your greatest friends!
    Luv ya❤️
    #2 Mom

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  4. Hey Kyra! Wow, how awesome is Guatemala! I hope you are loving it as much as I have. Happy belated 15th Birthday! Praying you will see God in a new way on this trip and that you will grow closer to Him more each day. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip so far. Enjoy this time with your friends, what an amazing gift God has given you in the friendships you share and the time together on this trip!


  5. I just heard a little bit of scoop from Peyton’s mom about your day! Sounds incredible!! Heard you told your testimony and many people gave their live’s to Jesus. SO PROUD OF YOU! I am sure this will be the first mission trip of many! Maybe you can talk your brother into joining you next time 😉


  6. Hope your having a wonderful trip Kyra and remember jesus will always be by your side in all you do! I’m so thankful I got to know you and keeping getting to know you! Hope everyone stays healthy!!


  7. Kyra!! So excited to hear about of how God has been using you this week!! Praying that you leave there knowing the seeds you have helped plant will grow! What an awesome movement to be apart of!


  8. I am sure you already have a suitcase full of little friends from Guatemala you want to bring back with you. I hope you are loving everything about your trip. Praying for you and the team. Keep your eyes and heart wide open for God sightings. So proud of you for going on this trip of a life time. God will do an amazing work in your heart this week.
    I am sure you are shining your light from Jesus to everyone you meet. Hugs to you sweet one!


  9. How are you doing today baby girl?? Been hearing updates about your daily adventures and we watched a video clip of the team singing last night. So awesome! Praying as you change lives that yours is also changed and you feel closer to God than ever! He loves you so much and has big plans for you life!!


  10. Kyra, Praying for your last day in Guatemala and that you can soak up every last moment of it. Cannot wait until tomorrow when you guys get off that plane and we get to hear every detail about this trip!!

    Hugs and love girl!!!!


  11. Good morning angel 🙂 I heard about your time at the medical clinic. God’s presence is definitely with you all. Can you tell?! Have you gone to the orphanage yet?? Have another amazing day!! ❤ Love you!


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