Phil Brechting


8 thoughts on “Phil Brechting”

  1. Happy birthday with your boys Phil. Hope your enjoying the warmth. It’s rained cats dogs here. Can’t wait to here all bout it. Love ya


    1. Thank you, You are a night and a day into doing us our biggest favor, thanks again. You wont believe the stories and the conditions of where we are working. The people around us are awesome. I will get back tonight to leave messages for the kids. you could let them send us a message too.
      Hugs and kisses, love you too


  2. Welcome to the base Phil!! How’s it going? I’m sure you’re all off to an adventurous start. How did the building go? Pretty amazing what can be accomplished in 3 days time. We’re praying for you and Emily for health and safety. Will chat again soon.


  3. Phil! Praying your days in the village building houses went well and that God did amazing things through this team. We have been praying for the heat to break a bit for you all and that everyone will stay healthy! Cannot wait to hear all about this God-ordained trip!!! Hugs to you all!


  4. Hey Phil! I hope you are enjoying God’s beauty in Guatemala. Praying He is working in mighty ways in the team and the people you are serving. Thanks for being a servant leader! I can’t wait to hear about the trip from your perspective. Lots of prayers sent your way!


  5. Hey Phil – So happy God led you and Emily on this trip of a life time together. I am sure you are having a wonderful time. What a great group of people on this trip. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and God sightings and all of the stories of people giving their lives to Christ. Hope all of you dads and daughters are bonding like never before. Praying for all of you. Give sweet miss Britt a high five from me. Thanks 🙂. So glad you are all there giving of yourselves to make sure the Guatemalans in Los Lotus are never the same again. Bringing God’s light to their village. Also, thank you for loving on the Bylsma’s which I am sure you and Emily are doing much of. Hugs to you all!


  6. You would have been proud and no surprise on how beautiful Tierney looked. Amazing. She had so much fun her feet hurt. Lol. Dad looked smashing to. Can’t wait to here your stories! Love you, mom


  7. Hi Dad it’s Tierney I am glad to see you tonight. Love you.
    Hi Dad it’s Paxton I’m so excited to see you later tonight I’ve so much to tell you about!
    I thank you for all the gifts I love them. I’ll see you soon bye bye.
    Hey Dad I love you. On omas phone I found something me my brother’s found something to build but we need some help I’ll tell you when I see you, love Ryland


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