Yeabsira Stevens


17 thoughts on “Yeabsira Stevens”

  1. Hey girl
    I heard uncle Ross took care of you through the airport!! Make sure to keep him in line!! I am so excited that you are sharing this amazing trip with your cousins!! I am sure you are bringing so much joy to everyone❤️
    Love you💕
    Aunt Jaimy

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  2. It is likely Thursday before you will see this. I am sure you already have a suitcase full of little friends from Guatemala you want to bring back with you. I hope you are loving everything about your trip. Praying for you and the team.
    I am sure you are shining your light from Jesus to everyone you meet. Hugs to you sweet one!

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  3. Hi there! I hope your first missions trip is even better than you ever imagined, and you and the girls are all having an awesome time! But most importantly I pray you see God moving in your life and the lives of people around you. I can’t wait to hear all your God sightings!
    Love you,
    Aunt Sharla

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  4. Hi Yabby! How do you like it in Guat??? I bet you are loving all of the sunshine and soccer and Jesus! I just know all of that spunk of yours is being put to good use! Love you so much and I am one proud mom!

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  5. Hey Yeabi!! I hope you’re loving my favorite place as much as I do!! I’m sure you’re already making lots of little friends that you won’t want to leave, but we miss you back home already so don’t stay too long(; Im praying for you & i hope you’re having the time of your life (just don’t fall off any mountains!!). Have fun & make the most of your time there. This week will seem way too short & itll be over before you know it, but I know that the work God does in you now will last a lifetime. Love you,
    – Your favorite sister

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  6. Yeabsira, we sure miss you over here especially your favorite dog Willow! There will be more pets for you to love on when you get home since Precious had 3 kittens yesterday. Haven will be very excited to show you. I hope that you are making a big impact on people’s lives in Guatemala and learning more about how much Jesus loves you!

    It will be time to come back before you know it. See you soon.



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